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Welcome to the CBD Oil Forum. A community of like minded people, looking to explore the benefits of CBD Oil and other alternative options to help with well being and good health.

CBD Oil and its associated products such as capsules, edibles, lotions, balms, CBD Vape e-liquid and paste have risen in popularity in recent times thanks to the wonderful benefits they have given thousand’s of people – helping with many problems and improve quality of life. However, researching reliable and accurate information on products can still be a little daunting to start off with. Trauling through pages of information can lead you to be more confused than when you started and a lot of people can be uncomfortable joining Facebook groups with their personal profile details on show to initially discuss the topic of Cannabis Oil.

We understand – we have been there. That’s why we have set up CBD Oil Forum. Here, you can discuss your topics on Cannabis Oil with other users – your personal details can be kept private and you can get all the good information direct from a community who knows. What you share about yourself is up to you. Our website has SSL Certification meaning your information is secure (see the padlock confirming so on the address bar at the top!) and our page information is encrypted.

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Do these questions about CBD Oil sound familiar?

we’ve all started our quest to find information on CBD Oil in the same tentative way – are these some of the questions you are asking yourself right now?…………………………


What is CBD Oil?

  1. What actually is CBD Oil?
  2. What is the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?
  3. What’s THC and Cannabinoids?
  4. Which do i use – oil, paste, lotion, balms, edibles, capsules or vape e-liquid CBD?

Is CBD Oil Safe?

  1. Will i get ‘high’ on CBD Oil?
  2. Will it harm me?
  3. Will it show if i have a drugs test?
  4. It’s Cannabis Oil – that’s illegal, right?
  5. What research has been done?
  6. What will it help with?
  7. Will it help me?
  8. Will it help with cancer?

Where can i buy CBD Oil?

  1. Lot’s of places now sell CBD Oil – how do i know which product is right for my needs?
  2. How do i know which supplier is reputable and has good products?
  3. How can i check the product ingredients?

Well here at CBD Oil Forum we want to help you find those answers.

We want to build a community to talk freely about the possible benefits of Cannabis Oil products and how it may help you. There are literally thousand’s of people already on their journey of a better quality of life with the aid of CBD. People who have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they would love share – all of us who have benefited from CBD Oil just want one thing – to help other’s do the same. As our community grows, so will the information held within. We hope to have moderators from suppliers, manufacturers and lots of others from within the industry who will give up their time to help spread the knowledge and keep people informed.

So - will you join us?

We can not unfortunately officially endorse the use of CBD Oil or any other alternative options discussed on this forum. However, we can tell you that we brought CBD Oil Forum to you for a reason – because we HAVE found huge benefits to our lives through the wonders of CBD. As the forum admin, we will gladly discuss our experience with you on the forum and ask any questions you may have for us. We welcome you to join us and also welcome you to contact us if you have any questions – you can do so in the forum or through our contact page.

We also welcome enquiries from anyone who would like to add content to our forum – we will publish blogs and other information that will help our community. We would also love to hear from reputable suppliers and people working within the industry who can add informational content and would like to be a part of the CBD education.

The forum will be moderated and the information and topics monitered – spam and inappropiate posts will not be tolerated – we want a community helping each other and all who contribute to benefit.

All are welcome and whether you choose to join us or not – we wish you all the very best in your quest for an alternative way to a greater quality of life.